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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rosemary's art & "Lease My Art"

My wife, Rosemary, has joined the website
Lease My Art.

For different purposes the artist can lease out their art-work. The prices and resolution purchased for download vary; depending on the intended use by a private individual, a website, a company, a magazine or a printer of art reproductions .

To see Rosemary's art-work that is for lease then please visit

If you are an artist you can join and retain all rights to your original work while leasing it out for set fees many times over.
Lease My Art has been created by and run by an artist therefore it is very fair.

If the digital image of your art-work is high enough resolution you can even lease your art-work for giclees and canvas reproductions.
For these purposes your payment is much higher then say a one-time use of your art for a simple personal greeting card.

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